houseweek: day 2: favourite female

All change is bad? It’s not true, you know.


emma swan meme
[3/10] anything
1/4 body parts → emma’s gorgeous eyes
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fucking goodbye

You got 12m!?!? I’m so jealous!! I can only ever get like 8 max

yeah and then my brother fuckin gets 18.7 on his second try

have any of y’all played qwop if so what ur high score

This precious dork  (❤‿❤)

my mom, her boyfriend, and my brother went to see Sex Tape while i was sleeping and she comes home like “it was the best movie ever…but not the greatest to bring your little brother to” and I’m like its called Sex Tape what were you expecting winnie the pooh or some shit

emma swan + what is your face you cutie pie

"I think it’s time to give the hot cocoa and the foot massages a rest and it’s time to haul her ass out of bed and and get her to move past this.”


Ryan the referee guy in VS #72 [x]


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i was texting my friend in all capitals and i forgot to take off caps lock and my boss texted me asking about my finger and i sent “ITS OK THANKS FOR ASKING”